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Gloves – A historical insight into the evolution of medical latex gloves 01/11/2011

From the first traces of glove production back in 1758 to today’s wide variety of products, this article looks into the historical advancements over time.

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Gloves – An insight into medical glove price increases 01/09/2011

One key topic being brought up by health care professionals is the continuous price rises in latex gloves, and not knowing or understanding the reasons why such an essential medical product’s price keeps rising. This article looks into what latex is, key issues in the market which are causing these increases, and insight into how long these price increases are likely to stay.

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Gloves – Latex allergies explained - 01/08/2011

Medical examination gloves are an essential consumable for most healthcare professionals. Latex gloves have been proven effective for protection against the transmission of many infectious diseases, and the favoured choice for a long time. However, increasing amounts of people are developing a sensitivity or allergy to properties within the latex itself. Therefore, this article aims to give an insight into certain aspects such as what latex is and which properties cause the problem, the different types of allergy and the symptoms involved, who is actually at risk and the potential solutions or alternatives that are available.

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The importance of using the correct grade of purified water in autoclaves 01/12/2012.

Autoclaves are expensive pieces of equipment. Failure to use purified water that does not have a written specification can cause irreparable damage.

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