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Cautery Pen - Single Patient Use - Loop Tip (Sterile) Bovie

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Size: X 10

Disposable Single Patient Use Cauteries: Loop Tip

Supplied individually or as a bulk pack of 10

High temp (1204°C) loop tip

Simple and convenient to use
Cauteries are supplied sterile
Choice of tip configuration to cater for most demands

This new range of Disposable Single Patient Use Cauteries overcomes the problem of cleansing and sterilisation of conventional tips

Patent Pending Cautery – NEW Safety-Enhanced Snap Design

The battery powered cauteries that Bovie Medical has manufactured for decades have been updated based on valued feedback from you, the customer. We had numerous requests to make it easier to recycle the alkaline batteries. Our original cautery was virtually impossible to open without a saw. We listened and we changed the design. The new, safety-enhanced, snap design back can be “snapped off” and the batteries can be removed and recycled. Request number one, answered!

The second request was to make it more difficult for an accidental activation to occur if the cautery disposal directions were not followed. The disposal directions are to break off the tip using a hemostat and replace the cover cap after use. If this is followed an accident can never happen. Unfortunately, people don’t always follow directions! The new, safety-enhanced, snap design cautery is designed with a recessed button. In the event the directions are not followed, (YOU SHOULD ALWAYS BREAK OFF THE TIP AND REPLACE THE COVER CAP) the chances of the button being inadvertently depressed are dramatically reduced. Request number two, answered!

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