Artiss Solutions For Sealant 10ml x 6 (POM) (Freezer)

Code: BA5500651
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Artiss Solutions For Sealant for burn and face-lift patients where tissue approximation is critical to the healing process, ARTISS fibrin sealant provides advanced capabilities to adhere autologous skin grafts and skin flaps to wound beds in adult and pediatric populations. ARTISS is indicated as adjunct to hemostasis on subcutaneous tissue surfaces. The unique properties of ARTISS enable freedom and precision in the operating room. As the first and only fibrin sealant custom designed for tissue adherence in plastic, reconstructive and burn surgery, ARTISS has been proven safe and effective in a pivotal phase, multicenter, prospective, randomized, clinical study. ARTISS is a two component fibrin sealant, consisting of human thrombin and human fibrinogen and an antifibrinolytic inhibitor to delay clot degradation. Upon mixing, soluble fibrinogen is transformed into a fibrin matrix that adheres to the wound surface and to the skin graft to be affixed. Initial polymerization of ARTISS will take up to 60 seconds due to optimized thrombin concentration; allowing time to manipulate and position the graft prior to polymerization. The adhesive properties of ARTISS provide full surface adherence of the graft to the wound bed, closing the space that exists when grafts are attached using point fixation techniques such as staples. ARTISS may reduce or eliminate the need for staple application or removal.