Silicone Fresco Medium 500gm

Code: FIF-01923-00
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Semi-soft silicone, soft to the touch, with average elasticity. A quick-setting silicone elastomer. A pale pink putty silicone of considerable sponginess, elasticity, resistance and consistency.

This Fresco silicone is designed for the production of palliative orthotics, and offers a great degree of comfort. This silicone is used for the production of foot orthotics. Once the orthotic has been made it will take 48hours to reach its final level of hardness.

Technical characteristics: Colour Pink (Strawberry) Density (gr/cm3) 1.09 Modulus 100% (MPa) 0.56 Hardness Shore A 14 Breaking resistance MPa 1.4 stretching 245% split resistance (KN/m) 5.2 Aspect.
Not fluid paste Hardness: Shore A 14-16.